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Marketing your promotional video

On 30, Jan 2014 | In Our Blog | By admin

video click So you had a video made, or you made one yourself, you are really happy with it but  obviously that isn’t enough. How do you get it to your target market?

 Luckily for you there is literally an endless number of delivery methods. Presumably if    you wanted your video for distribution on a medium like TV or as an ad in a cinema you  would have stipulated this before having the video produced so that the exact  specifications for these formats would have been adhered to at a production level.

 For the sake of this article then we’ll forget about TV and cinema. 

 Don’t worry, there are still copious numbers of options for distributing your video.  Many  clients forget about distribution after completion and the possible additional  costs  this could incur. Obviously it is best to work out your available budgets for  production  and distribution before having the video produced. Many video production  companies  will be happy to give you your completed video and send you on your  way, we at  Nimbus see this as half a job, after all it is in our benefit for you to  get as many views as possible!

Video Hosting


Time after time we see people with great videos upload them to youtube expecting them to magically gain views and subscribers, without fail this ends in disappointment. According to Youtubes own statistics 100 hours of video is uploaded to youtube every minute! Now although this is a mind bending stat, good use of title, description and tags can help your video shine through, at least for your desired search terms. Since Youtube was bought by Google, Youtube videos have featured heavily in Google search results, which is one of the biggest advantages of using Youtube for SEO over other providers such as Vimeo. Depending on your product and target market it may be worthwhile using your video as an advert on Youtube, meaning it will play before videos relevant to your target market. 

Other reasons to use youtube are;

  • There are millions of users – and so a huge potential audience for your videos
  • You can earn revenue from advertising with the Partner Program (if you want ads on your video, for the most part we don’t recommend this, ask for more details.) 
  • FREE Hosting and video uploads
  • YouTube works as a search engine – meaning that more people looking for services or products similar to yours can potentially find your videos and website via YouTube
  • YouTube allows for commercial content
  • You have access to a number of analytics statistics associated with your videos / channel
  • Fast video delivery and quick playback with top notch video services

It’s only right we post some cons too;

  • Having millions of users can mean that your videos get lost within the masses of videos available
  • YouTube places adverts on and around almost all of their videos, disturbing the video viewing process
  • YouTube have their own branding on their player, which you cannot remove even when embedded in your own website
  • Laws and regulations mean that your videos can be removed at any time, should a user complain about them – you have a lack of control
  • Related videos can mean that you lose traffic to competitors
  • There are a limited number of player templates to choose from when uploading your videos
  • Most video uploads are limited to 15 minutes
  • We think it looks cheap when compared to other embedding options



Vimeo is also free to upload to but they don’t like commercial videos unless you have a pro account, although it isn’t rigorously policed. We always use Vimeo for embedding video into our webpages. With a pro account ($199.99 / year) you can alter the colours of the player, remove the Vimeo logo, choose to have the videos title on the video and choose to have your logo on there too if you like.

More Pro’s;

  • There are a growing number of members, increasing the number of potential visitors to your videos
  • Vimeo content can rank well within Google search results, if your videos are optimised correctly

Some cons;

  • There is a limit to the amount of content you upload, unless you pay for a Pro account
  • Vimeo doesn’t like commercial content, unless you are a relatively small production company – otherwise you must again pay for a Pro account
  • With a smaller number of users than YouTube, less people are likely to view your video
  • Slow upload times and only one HD video upload allowed per week – unless you have a Pro account
  • You can’t track the amount of time of videos viewed in Analytics.


Social Networks

There are a lot of social networks, each with their own merits, I will concentrate on a few of the bigger ones for now.


It used to be that you put a post on Facebook page or group and all of the people who liked you page or group saw that post, well not any more. Facebook have made it so that only a tiny number of your brands fans will now see your posts, unless you pay for them. For example we currently have 1500 likes on our Nimbus Facebook page a recent post with no sponsorship only reached 31 people! A recent sponsored post which cost £20 reached 13,500 people and garnered numerous click throughs and likes. The added bonus of promoting your posts on Facebook is the control over the types of people who see the post, you aren’t just limited to your current likes, you have control over metrics such as interest, area, gender, age range and even marital status, so although it is taking the mick that they took away the full functionality of pages it is worth paying for the sponsored posts.

Other options for Facebook ads include ads for your page which appear to the right of the feed, click through rates for these ads aren’t as high as sponsored posts though.



I was recently told that Twitter can feel like shouting into a crowded bar and leaving again, I certainly echo this sentiment. Twitter requires high maintenance for you to stay relevant as well as clever uses of hash tags and timing of posts. The benefit of Twitter over Facebook is that when you Tweet something all of your followers see that tweet, but depending on how many people your followers follow it can easily get lost in their feed. Twitter recently introduced a promoted tweet function. Similar to Facebooks sponsored post Twitter gives you a lot of control of the metrics of who will see these sponsored tweets. Here is more information on promoted tweets.



According to Wired Pinterest recently became more popular for sharing content than email. Pinterest is an image sharing website, images include video though. Pinterest users share everything from photos of celebrities to ideas for weddings. Their users are mostly female so if your target market is female and are into artistic past times or business then it may be well worth looking to Pinterest to advertise your video. The only video we have had much success with on Pinterest was a video we made of a hair show.

Pinterest have only just started to experiment with a Facebook and Twitter style sponsored approach, ingeniously entitled Sponsored Pins, they will have to be pretty unobtrusive though so as not to upset Pinterests very individual aesthetic.



Linkedin is primarily a business to business social network and a great place to find potential leads as well as jobs. If your product or service is aimed at other businesses it is certainly worth checking out. Linkedin is free but with paid accounts you get a lot more out of the service. 

Here is an article with more information on the different packages available

Like the other social networks Linkedin has a paid ad system called “Targeted Advertising”, this includes a video ad system, when combined with their precision targeting it could make for a very powerful online tool for B2B advertising.



Stumbleupon is basically a filter for the internet, when you sign up you tick certain boxes you are interested in, ranging from anything like engineering to photography through to chemistry and piercing. When you click the Stumble button you will be taken to a random website fitting one of your interests. Anyone can submit a page to Stumbleupon but if it receives too many dislikes it will be removed. Stumbleupon also have a Paid Discovery ad system where you can choose who sees your content.


Direct Marketing


There are a lot of mailing list providers out there, three of the big ones are Your Mailing List ProviderMailchimp and Constant Contact all give you great design capabilities as well as analytic style feedback on your mailouts, including who opened your email, how long they spent reading it, their location and which links they clicked. The problem with mail outs is obviously that you need peoples email addresses to send them to, and unless there are hundreds of them you can just send them from your email account anyway. Another problem with mailing list providers is they may be automatically blocked by certain organisations mail servers, such as educational institutions or big companies.


Physical Media

DVD & Bluray

Many say that video in a physical format is a lost cause, and for the most case they are right. However if for example your video is targeted specifically at the elderly for example dvd production and distribution may still be a viable option. Similarly people still like to be physically handed things, perhaps your DVD or Bluray could be used at networking events or conferences, packaging is key here though.



There are a host of other methods to get your video in front of your desired clients, here are a few.

So there you go, that’s a brief overview of some of the options available. Remember Nimbus can help you with all of the above possible delivery methods as well as ensuring your ads or mailouts are designed correctly. Get in touch via our contact page for more information.


Promotional Video – Black & Banton occupational and physical health

On 08, Jan 2014 | In Our Work, Promotional Video Production | By admin

We were asked by private health company Black & Banton to create a promotional video to demonstrate the services they offer. They used the video across their social media, on screens on their premises and on their website.


“Nimbus were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. They showed a lot of flexibility in getting to offsite shooting locations at short notice, just to capture a particular moment we needed. From initial ideas to the final product, Nimbus were enthusiastic, inventive and always striving to deliver a quality product. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for video services.”

J Inch – Black & Banton

The Importance of Subtlety in Video Production

On 07, Jan 2014 | In Our Blog | By admin

Avoid the hard sell

Avoid the hard sell

 Video has the benefit of having not only the video element but also the use of music,  voice over and text to convey your message. The secret is to use the right mix of these  elements. Without the right mix your viewers will feel like they are being given the hard  sell, they won’t convert into a subscriber or website visit and your brand will suffer, the  exact opposite of what video is supposed to do for your business.

 It is very easy in video production to look to the voice over or on screen text to convey all  the information; using the visual element only to re-enforce what the viewer is being told.  When doing this it is easy to forget the subtle nuances of the visual such as the use of  colour, framing and camera movement as well neglecting a story element. A story  element, no matter how subtle, will often subconsciously keep the viewer watching; they want to know how this story ends whether they realise it or not.

Bombarding the viewer with information can actually detract from the message you want to get across. For example you don’t have to shout “WE ARE FRIENDLY AND HAVE GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE” when instead you can just show a customer being welcomed by one of your staff. Simplicity is often the key, instead of telling the viewer your company is friendly you demonstrate the point. They don’t feel like they have been TOLD a message when in actual fact they received the exact message you wanted to deliver.


Using subtlety to deliver the correct message in video can be tricky, it is an art. The wrong mix of hard sell, incorrect use of humour or music and bad pace of editing can make for a terrible video and poor ROI.


However, when done correctly, video is an incredibly powerful tool.


Benfield Motors annual Princes Trust fundraiser video

On 14, Oct 2013 | In Event Video Production, Our Work | By admin

We produced this video at the Benfield Motors annual celebrity golf day gala dinner, at The Hilton Gateshead for Winn Solicitors

Glen Roughead Swing promotional video

On 13, Sep 2013 | In Event Video Production | By admin

We were asked by swing singer Glen Roughead to produce a promotional video at one of his shows at the Live Theatre in Newcastle which both demonstrated both the quiet soulful side of his performances and also the energetic side and his ability to get a venue jumping.

“I have worked with Nimbus Productions now on a number of occasions (and have them booked for future events) they have always delivered exactly what I wanted. Their laid back style has helped me feel at ease when conveying my ideas and their input have taken all my projects to the next level. Always very efficient in getting back to you straight away and always gone that extra mile for me to really make what I’m trying to achieve a fantastic product. I would have no hesitate in recommending them to anyone.”

– glen roughead

You can find more information about Glen at

Julies’ Poem – Story of a mitochondrial disease sufferer

On 20, Jun 2013 | In Documentary production, Our Work | By admin

We produced this short piece for The Wellcome Trust, a poem written by a patient who suffers from the incurable genetic condition Mitochondrial Disease.

“We have been delighted with the work you have done for us. The quality of the films is excellent and you work well with all of our staff. We will definitely be using your services again in the future and look forward to working with you on some of our planned projects”

– Professor Turnbull

Pleased To Meet You Promotional Video

On 19, Jun 2013 | In Our Work, Promotional Video Production | By admin

We were asked by Ladhar Group to create a promotional video showing the new bar and eatery on highbridge street in Newcastle Pleased To Meet You.

The video was to use footage of their exclusive launch event as well as footage of the intimate details of the venue and the selection of drinks available.


Felix Leiter – Drop The Bass music video

On 21, May 2013 | In Music video | By admin

Music video for Felix Leiter track Drop The Bass out on Strictly Rhythm Records May 27th.

Youtube version;

Directed by Dan Douglas

Boy – Eden Bell
Felix Leiter – Himself
Driver- Ste Latchford
Doorman – Si Storer
Girl 1 – Brooke Leete
Girl 2 – Hannah Poulter
All crowd footage shot at Elektriqa at Digital nightclub, Newcastle.

Eve’s Curse video. Mitochondrial Art at Great North Museum; Hancock

On 14, May 2013 | In Event Video Production, Our Work | By admin

This is an excerpt from our video footage of the Eve’s Curse Exhibition and awards ceremony at the Great North Museum; Hancock in Newcastle. Organised by regular clients The Wellcome Trust Centre for Mitochondrial Research the exhibition was “A collection of images from the laboratory and interpretations of key scientific themes by professional and amateur artists from around the region”

“We have been delighted with the work you have done for us both in terms of the patient information day but also the filming of our Eve’s Curse event. The quality of the films is excellent and you work well with all of our staff. We will definitely be using your services again in the future and look forward to working with you on some of our planned projects”

– Professor Turnbull

Infected Survival zombie airsoft promotional video

On 11, Jan 2013 | In Our Work, Promotional Video Production | By admin

We create this promotional video for airsoft company Infected Survival.