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Importance of video on the internet

On 05, Nov 2012 | No Comments | In Our Blog | By admin

Video has become an integral part of the internet and it’s now gotten to a point where people expect to see video content on websites and social networking pages. A staggering 86% of the population watched video online last year ( as broadband speeds increase. It’s easy to see why more companies are embracing online advertising to reach this market.

Making a video successful on the internet nowadays isn’t just about making a video and putting it up on youtube and praying, videos have to stand out and be noticed in order to truly ‘go viral’. The way you integrate your video products as part of your larger online marketing is vital, we can help you build an exciting campaign which will engage your intended audience and get people talking about your company.

Here is an example of the kind of animated video we can produce to advertise businesses.

Dave discovers how to turn his business around from Superveillance on Vimeo.

We completed this video to promote a competition ran by Microsoft, Codeworks, and Sunderland Software City. More info can be found on our Imagine Cup page

We also provide video production services for events, which can be used to advertise future events. We produced this for a hair show earlier this year, more info here

Because pretty much everyone watches video of some description on a daily basis, people know what a rubbish video looks like, everyone is a critic! We use only the latest HD video, sound recording and lighting equipment and work closely with you to provide videos which aren’t only high in visual and audio quality but are also tailored to your audience and innovative enough to get people talking about them, which is the whole point right?

We have loads of ideas for exciting videos, get in touch via our contact page for a chat about how we could work together


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