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Our Services

Nimbus Productions offer a range of video services for businesses and organisations, here is some further info on our most popular services.


Promotional Video

Promotional video is used to inform your target market about your product, brand, or organisation. Promotional videos can take many forms. They can be short quick and catchy, long and in depth, animated, live action, serious or funny, the list goes on! We will work with you to determine which type of video would suit your business or product best and produce it to the highest standard.

promotional strip


Training Video

Training is a necessity for most businesses. When most people think of training videos they often yawn, this needn’t be the case. If someone is bored watching a training video you can guarantee they aren’t taking in the information. We make videos that people want to watch, whether this be by using animation, a touch of humour or alternative scenarios we can make training videos that both engage and educate at the same time.

training strip


Event Video

We have been creating event videos for a long time, no matter what kind of event you are holding we know how to make sure those who didn’t attend will wish they had.

events strip


Documentary Production

If you have a long term development or project that you wish to document the progression of then a documentary is for you. We can combine interviews and voice overs with beautiful footage using many different modern filming techniques to ensure your project is documented in a style that matches your organisation and keeps your viewer interested.

documentary strip


Instructional Video

Do you produce a product that requires any kind of operating instructions? Video production is more engaging, more in depth, easier to follow and cheaper than instruction manuals. We can produce instructional videos in any language too meaning that if you decide to ship your product to a new country we can simply add a new voice over to your video, no need to have a whole instruction manual translated and reprinted.



Our photographers have a wealth of experiencing photographing various subjects in a multitude of lifestyle and commercial situations including adult, child and pet portraiture, varying events, and promotional photography for businesses and organisations large and small.


Marketing Strategy

It used to be that putting a 2 minute video explaining what your company did on your website was enough to put you ahead of your competition in terms of online content. In some markets this is still true but for the most part digital marketing is a jungle and regular innovative short form content is often the key to standing out, don’t worry we can help with this.

We take a good look at where your business is now, where you want your business to be, your customers, your competition and what they are doing with their marketing then we arrange a strategy to make the most out of your content.